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Mr. Waffles


Mr. Waffles was a Shar Pei / Yellow Lab mix with a heart of gold. Clients of Eden Biofeedback were able to get to know him and enjoy his company during sessions.

Mr. Waffles was the best dog. Even if you didn't like dogs, you would still like him. He didn't do any of the things people don't like about dogs.

Mr. Waffles was a true joy to be around. He had a charmingly sleepy personality and his quiet snoring (or oinky breathing) was a delight to hear.


Mr. Waffles' favorite food was salmon. He loved salmon treats and loved salmon grilled or as sashimi even more.

Another favorite "food" of his was snow. He absolutely adored eating snow and would use winter as a buffet! Sometimes, when it was very cold, we would bring in a bowl of it so he didn't have to stand out in the cold.

After nine months on hospice care, Mr. Waffles passed away. He was charming and delightful right up until the end. He remains our beloved angel.

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